SeeYou 4.3 with SeeYou Cloud

ImageToday we are introducing the SeeYou Cloud. It is a very small Cloud right now, not larger than a whisp on top of a good blue thermal. But it has the potential and the energy to become a beautiful strong white Cumulus cloud.

In the first implementation it enables you to see the flights you have been recording with SeeYou Recorder for Androidor iPhone and iPad or downloading with Nano Config . If you have been using SeeYou Recorder and you have already uploaded your flights to the SeeYou Cloud then all you need to do is login with SeeYou 4.3 – your flights are already waiting for you there!

Right now this the easy process to claim your flights to OLC:
. Let SeeYou Recorder or Nano Config upload your flight to the SeeYou Cloud
. Come home to your PC, login to SeeYou Cloud panel in SeeYou
. Open your flight – voila it’s on your PC! No cables, no cards.

Let’s hope OLC makes it even easier to claim, but until then you have to – save your flight to your PC disk (right click, Save as), then go to the OLC website to claim your flight.

If you create an account at SeeYou Cloud now you will see that we have uploaded a demo file for you already.

Please download SeeYou 4.31 and – Welcome to SeeYou Cloud!

* Please do not use version 4.30 due to a bug in the registration process. You must upgrade to the latest version. Sorry for that.