Is Oudie robust?

We get that asked a lot. And it doesn’t always feel right when we tell the pilots that it really works well and that we have seen Oudies put through extreme heat and cold and that we test them in the freezer etc. But here’s one test that makes all of ours look like child play:

Herminio launches with his paraglider then climbs inside some seriously towering cumulus clouds using Oudie 3 to guide him up to nearly 7000 meters. He comes out of the cloud all frozen then leaves the canopy behind with his base jump suite while the Oudie and the rest of his gear descend in free fall from 7000 meters.

“Herminio, Did the Oudie work after landing? Is it still ok for your next try?”

“Yes the Oudie works! I put it in his pouch on a side pocket of the harness which seems to be the best spot, and it did. Thanks a lot for your support, the Oudie is a great piece of equipment.”

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