Naviter Updater

Download for Windows Download for Mac OS

Naviter Updater is a very simple but effective tool for managing your Oudie. It works with Oudie 1, Oudie 2, Oudie 3, Oudie 3+, Oudie 4, Oudie IGC and Flytec Track in one seamless package. It works on Mac and Windows. It installs quitely into the background and waits until there is something you need to know. That’s all! Press the buttons when there is something to update and keep your Naviter devices updated at all times. Just look out for this message:OudieUpdater-updates_available

How to update your Oudie:

  1. Turn on your Oudie and connect it to your computer using the supplied USB cable
  2. Click on Update Device
  3. Once the software upload is complete, disconnect the Oudie from your computer by
    • ejecting the device from your Computer
    • exiting the Computer Connection Mode on Oudie by clicking the „turn off“ symbol
    • Disconnect the usb cable from the device
  4. Reboot the device
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to update.