Happy New Year with SeeYou 4.2

This time the sasons greetings come combined with the release of one of the more exciting new versions we have built since introducting 3D in SeeYou. Next time you start SeeYou 4 you will be asked to upgrade to SeeYou 4.2 (provided you have left Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Check for updates turned on). If not – go ahead and download the latest version from the Downloads section

SeeYou 4.2 with Picture and Instruments panel

4.2 is not your usual one-tenth of a major version upgrade. It is a full blown upgrade with over 30 new improvements not counting several bug fixes along the way. It’s free of course for all SeeYou 4 users and hopefully a nice invitation to those who were still hesitant.

4.2 adds pictures to your flights

We had a lovely beta test period for SeeYou 4.2. It took us a long time to release it because the feedback was great, very useful. But also because we entered a new territory of EXIF files and all the mess that comes dragging along 🙂 The nice part is that adding pictures is now really simple – just drag and drop them to window where your flight is opened. Save them as IGCX file and share them with friends.

Camera time was set incorrectly? No problem. Go to Edit > Fligt Properties > Photos > Advanced and choose by how many seconds the camera time was wrong and all pictures will be shifted automatically.

Pictures are by far not all that was added in this version.

Large and fully sizable instruments

Instruments panelWant to show off your flight in front of an audience? Most will not be able to read the flight parameters below. Treat them with View > Instruments, resize the panel so everyone can see them well. The Winter instruments will scale to any size and shape nicely. The instruments are available in all supported units. Make sure you use the ones you need through Tools > Options > General > Units.

New Waypoints file format CUPX

With the introduction of IGCX the same principles were applied to Waypoint files as well. You can pack your waypoints together with pictures of the waypoints, outlanding fields or airports in one file. SeeYou Mobile 4.2 will be released very shortly which will be able to take advantage of the CUPX format, showing you the pictures during navigation. Hopefully other instruments will follow shortly.

There are lots more new features for you to explore.

See what Simon, the SeeYou lead developer has to say about it

We wish you all Happy Holidays and a fruitful New Year!