Meet Simon, the lead developer of SeeYou

Simon Irmančnik

Naviter is growing just as any healthy company :) Today we would like to introduce Simon. It was him who made the initial contact while he was looking for a theme for his college graduation thesis. We found him knowledgeable, friendly and overall a very good fit for Naviter.

So he stayed and started to familiarize himself with SeeYou. Very soon his ideas started to influence SeeYou development and he eventually took over the lead development tasks from Erazem. Everything after SeeYou 4 is his work and here’s what he has to say about it:

After having worked in the team for a few years now – how would you describe Naviter as a company?

Naviter is a very enjoyable place to work. The vibe in the offices is excellent and the workload is divided very efficiently. The products are constantly improving because we are very near to our customers. Dealing with navigational and aviational IT has been one of the most interesting employments so far.

What is your professional background?

Prior to my engagement with Naviter I was very much involved with .NET. I have been working on a few aviational IT-based projects, focusing on mobile platforms, which eventually pointed me towards Naviter. Before that I had also been working with genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence in the field of robotics and some web development on the side.

How do you cooperate with Erazem, the original lead-developer of SeeYou?

It has been a great experience working with him. Since we are sharing the office we have the opportunity to bounce ideas on daily basis and SeeYou can still benefit from his input. It is an excellent product with a large user base, so there were quite some shoes to step into. I am very much confident about it now and looking forward towards upcoming challenges.

Which tasks have you found the most challenging so far?

There were quite a few challenges. For instance the new maps. There is not a lot of software out there that renders vector maps on the fly. Extensive post-processing of opensource data was (and still is) crucial in order to prepare the maps accordingly. Being primarily a .NET programmer, I also needed to switch to a different programming language. It has nevertheless been an exciting journey so far.

Please tell us more about the latest implementation of pictures in SeeYou – it was your idea after all

We all have that favorite picture we’ve taken on a trip, a journey, an adventure. With memories from up high, we wanted to bring order to it and combine SeeYou experience with the spectacular views you get to enjoy in flight. SeeYou does all the work for you. All you have to do is take the pictures and drop them to your flight in SeeYou.

What would you say that best describes you?

Curiosity, determination, imagination and a very complicated last name.

Thanks, Simon. We’re very happy to have you on board!