SeeYou Mobile Starts out of the top of the Cylinder

Today we are happy to announce availability of SeeYou Mobile version 4.3. It adds an interesting, somewhat long awaited and a very useful feature – Starting the task out of the top of the Cylinder.

Other noteworthy features include:
. Significantly improved rendering of coastlines at small zoom levels
. Oudie firmware update contains new airspace files for Europe and USA
. SeeYou Mobile Simulator has an Oudie skin
. Important stability fixes for iPaq3x, hx4700 and iPaq314 users

List of all new features added in 4.3

Download SeeYou Mobile 4.3
Download Oudie firmware 4.3

Read more about Starting out of the top of the Cylinder by follwing the link: Starting out of the top of the Cylinder

For those who are unfamiliar with this start method let us explain what this is. It is a type of a start sector. It is in the shape of a beer can. And just like the real beer can it has a top. It’s not unlimited as the “beer cans” at the FAI/IGC competitions. It is used extensively at the competitions in USA and it works extremely well with Assigned Area tasks.

How does it work?

Competitions are getting very crowded these days and a lot of effort is invested in making competitions safer by separating the competing gliders as much as possible. Starting out of the top of the cylinder is really neat way to do that when you think about it. Set the starting altitude well below the cloudbase and let the competitors start in a good thermal. If it doesn’t work for any reason you can still start out the side.

How do I set it up?

Easy. Enter the task, then go to Menu > Task > Tools > Options. In the panel “Start procedure” enter the maximum start altitude and tick the box “Start out of the top”. That’s it! You will get your usual start ding-dong when you enter the sector and the familiar ta-da with the start time box on exit.

Who does that?

It’s used extensively in the USA where they experiment with competition rules a lot in a good way. A good example of that is the the finish ring which has been used there for years to solve the low final glide problem without sacrificing the sporting achievement.

Does SeeYou Competition support Starting out of the top of the cylinder?

Yes! It always did. You just need to set the start altitude in Edit > Contest day properties > Observation zone > Maximum altitude for the start point.

Try it!