Sunlight readable Oudie!

We are very excited about what we are announcing today. Starting mid April an upgrade for your Oudie will become available which will make your Oudie much more sunlight readable than before. Did I say an Upgrade for your existing Oudie? Yes!

Starting in April all new Oudies will be equipped with a new screen which will deliver true sunlight readability, with the screen in the 900 nits territory. And even more importantly – we went into considerable trouble to prepare our tools in such way that all existing Oudies will be upgrade-able to the new screen as well.

Is it really any better? You be the judge:

“Nits” (or brightness) is not the only measure when talking about sunlight screen readability. Contrast also plays its part. Unfortunately both are difficult to measure and their interaction is such that it is impossible to know what works in the sun by simply measuring the variables.

So we took the screens to South Africa and Namibia and gave them to unsuspecting pilots. And then we swapped them next day. The guy who got the new screen said “Wow! I’m not giving you this one back!” while the poor other guy called on the radio 15 minutes after takoff explaining how “his Oudie is broken – he can’t see anything”.

In “nits” the old screen measured 350-400 (remember – it was better than average already then) while the new one measures 900-950. There are two examples that we would like to show you.

Maps turned off, portrait orientation, bright sunny spring day as you can see from the shadows:

Please note that both screens are at their peak brightness setting (yes, also the “old Oudie”).

With the maps turned on, the “brighter” effect is still very much visible (speaking higly about the contrast ratio of the screen):

As soon as we got hold of the new screens we were excited and we are happy to make this announcement today. It is a big step forward in sunlight readability of an affordable touch screen device for your cockpit. We have given it a thorough durability test as well. While we already knew that the Oudie as a device packs all features you can wish for in a sturdy, well built case, we now know we can upgrade your old Oudie in order to make it much more sunlight readable as well.

Price-wise nothing much will have changed after the upgrade because we want many happy customers. Price of the new Oudie will increase to 500 EUR (excl. VAT and shipping) while the upgrade will be available for less than 200 EUR (excl. VAT and shipping).

As always – we are looking forward to your feedback. Please feel free to talk to us by email, facebook, r.a.s. or through our Support Forum.