Airspace 2012 package

For everyone who is not yet using SeeYou 4 we are publishing a collection of the latest airspace files as a ZIP of the latest CUB files:

Latest airspace files as of April 6th 2012

ImagePlease note that if you are using SeeYou 4 already you do not need this file. In SeeYou 4 airsapces are updated automatically as soon as they become available. To make sure that you are getting the latest airspace updates please double check your settings in Tools > Airspace. The recommended option is “Prompt to install updated airspace“. This way you don’t just have the latest airspace but you are also notified about it.

Exporting airspace to SeeYou Mobile and Oudie form SeeYou 4 is as easy as going to File > SeeYou Mobile Wizard > check at least Airspace > Next > Choose name and destination folder > Next > Select area > Next > Finish.