SeeYou 4.22

We are happy to announce SeeYou version 4.22 which has been released today. If you have the default settings SeeYou will ask for permission to upgrade to the new version next time you run the software.

Significant updates concern a large update of the default waypoints file with the latest data about US, Irish, Slovakian and Hungarian airports plus minor changes of the Dutch and Slovenian airport data.

Another database has been significantly updated – the Handicaps database. It has been aligned with the latest DAeC Handicaps database and consists of 476 glider types now.

Needless to say – airspace has been significantly updated too including restricted zones for Euro 2012 and the Olympics. This is not part of the new version. You should make sure automatic updates of the airspace files are enabled in Tools > Airspace > At startup: Prompt to install updated airspace.

Enjoy soaring.