Welcome, Android! My name is SeeYou Recorder.


We have all been eagerly awaiting this. Naviter’s first Android app with a similar iOS app to follow immediately after Apple approves it for the AppStore.

It’s an IGC flight file recorder and its name is SeeYou Recorder. It’s free. And it’s actually an IGC flight recorder on steroids.

It will do all of this for you:
. Record an IGC file through a friendly native user interface
. Create an IGC file valid for online contests once uploaded to the SeeYou Cloud
. Display a Logbook
. Automatically upload your flight to the SeeYou Cloud
. Share your flights with others through Email, Bluetooth, Dropbox, GDrive…
. Speaks your language (if it doesn’t – write to us)

All of this for free.

Why free, what the heck is SeeYou Cloud and what’s the Roadmap? Follow the “Read more” link below.

Why Free?

Because it’s a pet project. We’ve been working hard on SeeYou Cloud (read more about it below). And of course we are developing SeeYou for the Smartphones and iPads and all those cool new devices. But it’s all taking so long. They are complex solutions and we want to do them right. There’s so much new ground to cover and so many mistakes to make that we were already getting frustrated. And then one day at lunch we brainstormed… and we returned to the office totally excited that “we now know what we are going to do first”.

We took all the building blocks that were already there, designed the user interface, Erazem deserves credits for the logo and – voila! SeeYou Recorder! Easy peasy!

What is SeeYou Cloud?

It’s something everyone talks about. It’s something we got used to without even knowing when. And it’s about time pilots get their own.

Sharing data between devices has been a challenge until not very long ago. How do you keep things synced between your phone (iPhone in partucular), your work computer and your home computer… Geeks don’t have a problem with that. They always have a stick of some sort with all the gigabytes in the world and their data is always nicely organized. Not so for the rest of the population though.

And this is where Cloud solutions step in. SeeYou Cloud will keep your soaring data synced, backed up and ready to be used or shared when you need them. SeeYou Recorder will automatically upload your files into the cloud. Another benefit from doing that is that the file will be signed for a blue “V” at the Online Contest.

The process is simple: Start the app and finish recording the flight after landing. Write your logbook from the data available in the Logbook page in SeeYou Recorder. Your flight is submitted to the Cloud without your interaction. Come home, run SeeYou and your flight is already waiting for you there (please mind the Roadmap below). No downloading, no cables, no connectors, nothing.

What’s the Roadmap?

The Cloud is actually already fully functional and SeeYou Recorder is only able to use a very small portion of it. Here’s our prioritized plan for the future:

1. Get the flights recorded by SeeYou Recorder to show in SeeYou 4
2. Create SeeYou for Android and iOS devices
3. Even if we don’t think that mobile devices are on par with Oudie 2 for in-flight navigation you are forcing us to support them with a moving map. So we will.

Please note that there are no guarantees about when each feature is going to be implemented. But it will be. Exciting times ahead.

Go get SeeYou Recorder on Google Play store and start having fun now.