Oudie 2 LCD Upgrades are now available!

We are pleased to announce that Oudie 2 is back in stock and ready for shipping. New LCDs are here and they are working great:
Oudie 2 is already available at our dealers worldwide – please ask your local Naviter reseller for availability. It is also available from our website if a dealer is not located in your area:
Purchase Oudie 2 from Naviter.comOld Oudies can be upgraded now!We are also happy to announce that your old Oudie can be upgraded to the new brighter version of the LCD panel. Your cheapest option is to talk to local Naviter reseller about when to send it in because several of our dealers are organizing batch upgrade shipments which will reduce the shipping costs to the minimum. If this is not practical for you you can again send it to us directly. You should:
1. Pack your Oudie securely in a package
2. Pay for the upgrade online
3. Add copy of the Invoice with return address
4. Send the package with trackable mail to Naviter d.o.o., Planina 3, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia (we can not guarantee for any untracked shipments)

We will update your Oudie in the shortest time possible and return it to your address.

What others say about Oudie 2 and the new display:

“The new display is a blast. Anyone who saw it was impressed with it. I can not remember a single situation where it would be difficult to read in the sunlight” by Markus Frank, current European Champion in Open class after flying with Oudie 2 in France

“I have to say the new screen is really good, big improvement no question. The new screen will be very well received by customers based on my experience.” by John Seaborn, Team USA after getting one just prior to the Uvalde Worlds.

“I’m not giving you this one back!” by Milan Petkovic in Bitterwasser, Namibia after we asked him to test it for us in the hottest Sun.

“Erazem, something is wrong with your Oudie – I can’t see anything!” by Maks Bercic after we secretly swapped his Oudie 2 with an Oudie 1 just for fun :)