SeeYou 5

SeeYou 5SeeYou 5 has been released today along with the first Android version of SeeYou! There is so much to say we don’t know where to start.

The Android version of SeeYou is surely much more significant than the increment in the major SeeYou version. However. If you can’t get your flights into the SeeYou Cloud so you can open them from your Phone or Tablet what’s the point?

We are assuming that most of your flights reside on your PC at the moment. Install SeeYou 5, open the SeeYou Cloud panel through View > SeeYou Cloud panel then drag and drop IGC files on the panel and they will be uploaded to your SeeYou Cloud account.

If you don’t have a SeeYou Cloud account yet – please create one from within either application (Android SeeYou or SeeYou 5 on your PC). Registration and trial is free. Using the SeeYou Cloud is by far the most comfortable way of making your flights available to your Phone or Tablet.

Download Free Trial for PC Get it on Google Play

Drag & Drop

Want to get your flights uploaded into the SeeYou Cloud quickly? File > Bulk Upload to SeeYou Cloud is for you. Select the folder(s) with your flights. Tick the “Use Folder names as labels” box and go. Your flights will upload in one simple batch and they will end up nicely organized in your SeeYou Cloud account. The same thing will happen if you simply drag and drop the folder(s) into the SeeYou Cloud panel.

For your convenience we have pre-uploaded a few demo flights for you to look at if you don’t have one handy at the moment of installation of the SeeYou app.


The flights are organized with so called “Labels”. They sort of work like directories on your file system. Except they are much more flexible. You can put more than one Label on your flight. For example you can Label one flight to be from year 2012 (“2012” will be its label) and at the same time you can label it is a “Record” and as a flight from “Home airfield”. Your flight is only uploaded once, but it will pop up in your searches at exactly the right moments. If you’re familiar with how Gmail works with labels you will find your way around Labels in the SeeYou Cloud easily.

Privacy in the SeeYou Cloud

SeeYou Cloud is a private cloud. Flights which you upload into the SeeYou Cloud are not shared with anyone without your permission. They are stored and backed up on Naviter servers. We take privacy and data management seriously and will put a lot of effort in keeping your data safe and secure.

Not limited to flights

SeeYou Cloud is not limited to storing flights. You can already upload Airspace and Waypoint files and use them on your Android Phone or Tablet. In the future it will be possible to store even more data in this most useful way.


With all these new products related to SeeYou it’s about time we revised the way our upgrade policy is implemented. Please note that SeeYou for Android is not a separate software and that you don’t neccessarily have to pay anything to use SeeYou 5. There’s a lot of use cases therefore please carefully read the

Important Upgrade Information

While your upgrade may not be free, it is for sure cheaper than it was before!

iPad and iPhone

Is SeeYou going to run on an iPhone and iPad? YES! But Apple’s review process may take weeks and satisfactory result is not guaranteed. Therefore we ask for your patience. The same functionality as the one released today for Android is going to be available on iPhone, iPad and iPod soon.

Please note: This is only the tip of the ice berg in terms of features which the SeeYou, SeeYou Cloud, SeeYou for Android, iPhone and iPad will deliver. You are invited to join our journey. It will be fun, that’s a promise!