SeeYou for Android!

There are no words to describe how excited we are today. SeeYou for Android is out and there’s no reason for you to hold back:

We have prepared a small video for you to explain the first steps:

Is it free?

No. But it is part of your SeeYou licence. Please read this post to understand how licensing and upgrading of SeeYou works from now on:
Important Upgrade Information

How do I get my flights into the SeeYou cloud?

Want to get your flights uploaded into the SeeYou Cloud quickly? Install SeeYou 5 and do File > Bulk Upload to SeeYou Cloud. Select the folder(s) with your flights. Tick the “Use Folder names as labels” box and go. Your flights will upload in one simple batch and they will end up nicely organized in your SeeYou Cloud account. The same thing will happen if you simply drag and drop the folder(s) into the SeeYou Cloud panel on your PC.

For your convenience we have pre-uploaded a few demo flights for you to look at if you don’t have one handy at the moment of installation of the SeeYou app. If you have been using SeeYou Recorder, then these flights are already waiting for you there!

What are the trial limitations

They are different than the ones on SeeYou for PC. Please read here to understand how trial works:
Limitations of the Trial version on Mobile platforms (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod)
To understand the difference between trial on your PC and trial on your Android device please read this summary:
Comparison of the Trial versions on PC and Mobile platforms

iPad and iPhone?

Is SeeYou going to run on an iPhone and iPad? YES! But Apple’s review process may take weeks and satisfactory result is not guaranteed. Therefore we ask for your patience. Similar functionality as the one released today for Android is going to be available on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Please note: This is only the tip of the ice berg in terms of features which the SeeYou, SeeYou Cloud, SeeYou for Android, iPhone and iPad will deliver. You are invited to join our journey. It will be fun, that’s a promise! Go get your app now and install it on your Android Phone or Tablet!