SeeYou 5.2

A bugfix version 5.21 released: There was a bug displaying graphs which crossed midnight UTC. Please upgrade to the latest version

SeeYou for PC has been upgraded to version 5.2. It answers some good suggestions from the users about how to improve the way SeeYou Cloud panel handles data. For example – if the Cloud panel is wide enough it will keep labels on the left and files on the right hand side of the panel. If it is too narrow for that the files will be shown below the Labels. Another simplification is that you can now drag and drop multiple files from and to the SeeYou Cloud. You can assign labels to files in the SeeYou Cloud by simply dragging and dropping the labels to the files or vice versa.

Following the recent changes in Sportin Code the FAI Sphere method for measuring distances has been retired. Measuring distance is only valid on Ellipsoid therefore this option is now gone and Ellipsoid is chosen by default.

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