Announcing Oudie IGC

Oudie IGC

Naviter proudly presents Oudie IGC – the sunlight readable IGC approved* Flight Recorder with ENL and huge battery.

For some (many?) of us LX 20 was our first flight recorder and navigation device. At the time it was a device which was breaking ground in gliding. It was one of the first secure flight recorder and it boasted a large screen which could be used for navigation and management of the device. The Earth has travelled around the sun several times since, many things have happened – not least Naviter was formed in this time – so here we are. We are announcing Oudie IGC aimed to do much the same as LX 20 did in 1995. All-in-One device, turn it on and fly secure flight recorder.

Here’s what Oudie IGC has to offer:

  • Everything preinstalled – turn it on and fly
  • Sunlight readable screen
  • Highest level IGC approval pending
  • Engine Noise level integrated for gliders with engine
  • Backup vario
  • At least 12 hours battery autonomy at full backlight
  • Only 11 mm thicker than Oudie 2
  • Weighs 350 g

It is expected that devices will start shipping in the beginning of 2014. Please stay tuned for more news at and Facebook!

* Approval from IGC/GFAC is pending