SeeYou 6.2 with new Hints

SeeYou version 6.2 has been released. The update is free for everyone with a current SeeYou subscription. For everyone else there is a discount coupon below.

The major new addition to SeeYou 6.2 are the new hint boxes:

Airspace hint

Is the airspace structure of the area you are analysing complex? Is the 2D map cluttered and you are not sure which area is covered by which airspace? Right click on the map and choose “Check Airspace here”. A drop down list of all airspaces at the location of the click will appear. Now hover your mouse over the name of the airspace and it will fill with that airspace with bright yellow color for you to see clearly just like in the screenshot below:


Waypoint hint


Hover your mouse over a waypoint and it will display the details about that waypoint. Plus it will download a satellite picture of the waypoint so you can see which exactly what ground feature is at the location of the waypoint.

Other minor improvements and a few bug fixes were done in version 6.2. You can see the full list in the SeeYou Change Log.

If you don’t have a current SeeYou subscription yet please use the coupon code “SEEYOU2015” for your order until December 31st to enjoy a 20% discount on your SeeYou license in 2015. The coupon is valid for new purchases and upgrades.

To upgrade to the latest version please install it by following the link below:

SeeYou Upgrade to v6.2