Friendly Soaring Spot!

We’re extremely excited to announce the immediate availability of the new Soaring Spot!

It’s not only the website. There’s something for the competitors, scorers and the technology in your cockpit. I tell you it’s friendly because that’s what we designed it to be.

Soaring Spot for Scorers

SoaringSpot2_UploadSuccessYou know – these are the guys who actually work so you can have fun racing. If you’re in this group I can tell you that you can continue to use the familiar SeeYou user interface with a significantly improved Soaring Spot integration, easy collaboration between scorers if you’re a larger team in the scoring office. And most importantly – if you get in trouble we can jump right in at Naviter, see what’s bugging you, fix it for you remotely and you can get back to work immediately.

If you are scoring a competition please start with claiming your competitions from the old Soaring Spot:

Soaring Spot for Pilots

HC_20150520_113022If you’re in this group a lot I envy you. The new Soaring Spot will give you more time with your friends and less time with outdated technology. How?

As soon as the Task Setter has done its job and the scorers have posted the task to Soaring Spot the task is available for download. Oudie will download the task automatically with the help of Oudie Live app for your Android device. When you turn on the Oudie connected to Oudie Live app it will give you a notification that a new task is availabe (see picture on the right). Press OK and you have it. As simple as that! And the best part is that this is not limited to Naviter products. The data for the current task (and much more) is available for free to the public so expect to see other devices and manufacturers support this feature soon!

After landing a similar functionality is available for flight upload to the scoring office. While you are pushing your glider from the runway to your tie-down spot Oudie Live will upload the flight directly to Soaring Spot. Without your interaction -automatically. All you have to do is fire up your phone and go see the results.

Soaring Spot for Phones and Tablets

When you do that you will notice that the website was designed from ground up to be friendly to your eyes and will adopt to phone screen size automatically.

How to get started?

  1. Login to the new Soaring Spot admin area and Add a competition (the Sign in link is hidden at the bottom of the page).
  2. Install SeeYou version 7.0 and select File > Open Competition from the main menu

Voila! Your competition is ready to go – have fun!

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If you’re a developer who would like to play with the new Soaring Spot API please contact us and we will be happy to help!