Oudie 3 upgraded!

The improved Oudie 3+ (for paragliding) is now available from Naviter dealers world-wide.

It has received the following upgrades:
* A new screen with significantly improved visibility when viewed from an angle
* A charging light
* Improved battery chemistry for better low temperature endurance
* An optional leg strap and jacket for easy mounting (when no cockpit is available)

Naviter is offering an upgrade path for the existing Oudie 3 users – contact your dealer for details.

Always improving
Behind the scenes we always try to improve our products. We try different things. It is difficult to change a key part of the Oudie but the technology is always improving. The new screen immediately caught our attention and we started testing it in various conditions, from freezing altitudes above the Alps to the hot African plains. It performed really well and we’re happy to announce, it is now incorporated in the Oudie 3+.
Thanks to the automotive industry, battery development is also ongoing. The new battery performs better which will please pilots who like chasing long flights in colder conditions.
The charging light is a small but much desired feature on the Oudie 3+. The initial version didn’t have one simply because when the tooling for the housing was produced months ahead of the final circuit board we had no idea where the lights would be. We found time to upgrade the tooling and make a charging light available.

Have an Oudie 3 already?
We have a face lift option for you! For 96 EUR including VAT we will upgrade your old Oudie 3 with the new screen, housing and battery, so it will become an Oudie 3+. Please talk to your nearest Naviter dealer about the best options.
Top 50 pilots from the WPRS ranking list receive the upgrade free, as well as customers who bought Oudies since 1 March 2015. Please contact your Naviter dealer for more information.

If you have further questions please sent them via contact form of Oudie3 website