Oudie Live connected to Soaring Spot

New version of SeeYou Mobile for Oudie has been released today with support for Soaring Spot!

As promised when the new Soaring Spot was launched we are extending the use Soaring Spot features to Oudie. With version 6.50 which was released today you can upload your flight to the competition office totally hands free. And in addition to that you can declare the task to your Oudie from Soaring Spot automatically.

Sounds good and you want to know more? It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Connect Oudie to Soaring Spot

SoaringSpot120If you have not yet connected your Oudie to Oudie Live app on your Android device please follow the steps in the Blog about Oudie Live (click here).

Once you’re connected turn on your Oudie and go to Menu > Settings > last page > Oudie Live > Soaring Spot. Choose your competition and the class you are competing in from the list. That’s it!

2. Download task from Soaring Spot

If you enabled the checkbox “Auto update task” then you don’t have to do anything. As soon as the competition organization publishes the task for “Today” and your Oudie is connected to Oudie Live you will receive the latest task on your Oudie.

3. Send flight to the scoring office

As soon as you will land and your Oudie is connected to Oudie Live the flight will be uploaded to the scoring office. You don’t have to do anything to make this happen. Just keep your Oudie and your Android device connected all the time.

Sounds good? Try it out!

ic_launcher_oudielive_512Many competitions are in progress right now. Just connect to any one of them to try the download task functionality immediately. Note that there are more goodies in the new version as well such as arrows drawn on the task lines so you always know which direction the task is going – click here to see all of the improvements