SeeYou 7.2 for Competitions

A lot of new features were added to the competition module in SeeYou 7.2 as well. While the European Gliding Championships in Hungary and many National competitions are live on Soaring Spot we get lots of very useful feedback from pilots and scorers. The result of this are the following new features for the scoring team:

Pilot Entry dialog

SeeYou_PilotEntry_Chrome_styleWe have a completely reworked Pilot Entry dialog which makes it more intuitive to enter two pilots in the case of a double-seater or in case several pilots are sharing one glider in the competition. The “tabs” are similar to the ones from Chrome. Feel free to add more pilots to one airplane. Last names of all listed pilots will appear in the scoring linked with an & sign. On the right you can see how the new Pilot Edit dialog looks like. Note the “+” sign at the top.

Integration with the IGC Ranking List

SeeYou_Search_RLNote also the Search box in the top right corner. Soaring Spot is nicely integrated with the official IGC Ranking List. In order to make life of the fine volunteers behind the ranking list more simple they kindly ask you to use this search box in order to fill in the Ranking List IDs for all the competitors. That will save you and them a lot of work at the end of the competition!

Please note that you can search for each pilot in the team separately – both pilots in a double seater can have their own IGC Ranking List ID entered.

Select active and inactive airspaces – made simple

SeeYou_Active_AirspaceThis is one of our favorites. There is a central database of waypoints and airspace for the whole competition. The files which are published in the Download page of your competition on Soaring Spot are exactly the same files which are used in scoring. The side effect is that we now know exactly which airspaces are related to the competition. This makes it possible to make individual airspaces active / inactive for each day.

This dialog is available in two places. You can setup the default active / inactive airspaces in Edit > Competition Properties > Airspace. Or you can make individual airspaces active or inactive only for one task in Edit > Day properties > Airspace. Feel free to select multiple and to drag and drop between the active / inactive windows!

Archived competitions

A scenario that we’ve seen often on the old Soaring Spot. A compoetition is finished and everything is published at Soaring Spot. Next year before the competition scorers start to “train” on the old competition. That’s fine but too often they would change something and change the results inadvertently. We will now Archive the results from all competitions 14 days after the competition is finished. You will still be able to view the old competition. But it will be in read-only mode.

API for Soaring Spot

One of the things which surprised us most when we launched the new Soaring Spot was the amount of integrations that were created around and on top of the old CUC file. It’s great to see that your product is being used and leveraged in so many ways. But on the other hand this brought a bitter realization that we broke many custom solutions that were made for the old Soaring Spot. So we digged deep and prepared the public Soaring Spot API for the programmers. It’s a Resful API which should be a joy to use for all API programmers out there. For the undecided please have a look at what REST can do for you:

You can generate your set of Soaring Spot API Keys by going to the “Edit Competition > API Key” page in the Soaring Spot Administration area of your competition.

There’s a lot more that’s new in SeeYou. Please review all the new features: click here.