SeeYou 7.2 with improved Waypoints management

We’ve listened

to how you did not like the changes we made to the Waypoints management part in SeeYou 7.

After discussing it with several pilots who do waypoint management a lot we came to the conclusion that the idea of being able to edit waypoints as separate files was a good one. Which also means that the implementation of the new feature was poor from our side. We went back to the drawing board thinking about what is it that people really want to do. We were asking us questions about “How do we show our users that there is a better and more intuitive way to do waypoint management?”. “How do we offer more functionality without breaking what pilots are used to doing since version 1?”.

And we came up with this:


By default we will ask you what you want to do when you open a waypoints and tasks file. You have two options.

Open the file in a separate window
You can open multiple Waypoint files at once in the new SeeYou. This gives you the flexibility to edit a waypoint file “on the fly” without having to import it into your database and making a mess of the Waypoints you normally use in SeeYou.

Drag & Drop
With two windows open you can drag and drop waypoints and/or tasks between windows, edit add and delete anything then simply Ctrl+S or File > Save to make the changes permanent. Just like you are used to in desktop applications.


Want to use SeeYou just like you were used to?

You can. Note that there is an “Do this every time” checkbox at the bottom of the first screenshot in this tutorial. If you choose to “Add waypoints to My Waypoints & Tasks” and select “Do this every time I open Waypoints & tasks” then SeeYou will remember your choice and will behave just like SeeYou always behaved until now. You can revert back to the “new way” by choosing another option in Tools > Options > Waypoints > What do you want to do when you open a Waypoints & Tasks file.

File associations

We have also added file associations to CUP and CUPX files. Instead of File > Open you can simply double click on a CUP or CUPX file anywhere to open it in SeeYou.

There’s a lot more that’s new in SeeYou. Please review all the new features: click here.