Oudie software improvements

It’s been a busy winter at Naviter and we’re slowly rolling out everything that we’ve been doing (see the announcement of Oudie 4 and SeeYou with Top Meteo for example).

Oudie software has also received a significant face lift and functionality update. Version 7 is available for download. Please update your Oudies through Oudie Updater or manually through this website.

What’s new:

There is a new Transfer menu option. This is by far the fastest way to copy all of the existing data on your Oudie to another Oudie or to share your declared task with others. No cables, no wireless communication is needed, just a microSD card.

All items in the menu now have a dedicated icon. The whole menu has been re-organized in order to be more intuitive. The most important items are now displayed first. And the chosen selections are now more clearly visible – for example the selected Zoom or Orientation in their dialogs.

This update also brings you the latest airspace updates which were numerous this time.

Complete change log of new features is here: