New versions for SeeYou 8.1 and Oudie 7.1

We’re happy to announce that new versions have been released today. The incorporate small but significant improvements in usability and ease of use of your SeeYou software on all platforms.

SeeYou 5SeeYou 8.1

SeeYou integrates great with TopMeteo and we have heard lots of good reports about how easy it is to plan tasks with Top Meteo overlay. We’ve made working with TopMeteo better with release 8.1. SeeYou will now download the least amount of data needed to give you a task suggestion for today, tomorrow and the day after. If you want to explore more details the data will download on demand as needed. This makes SeeYou significantly more usable on slow connections – typically found at gliderports around the world.

Another improvement comes in forms of better legibility of the maps. Town names, waypoint names, task turnpoints now all consider each other’s positions and only the most important one is displayed in appropriate size.

SeeYou Competition received some useful improvements as well. A new checkbox “Submit to Ranking List” is available under Competition properties > Options. It is mandatory to insert Ranking List IDs for all pilots in a class to submit to the RL. Therefore another very useful dialog was incepted. You can now go to Edit > Find IGC Ranking List IDs for all pilots in a class. It works surprisingly well :)

Here’s a list of what else is new:

SeeYou Moblie for Oudie 7.1

Oudie_NewWind News don’t end there this week. A new version for Oudie was released as well. It features some really useful wind algorithm improvements – in particular for sailplane pilots. Want to know wind strength and direction and you’re flying straight with GPS input only? No problem. Make a constant airspeed turn 45 degrees to the left, then another one 90 degrees to the right, then continue your flight. With a little practice you will get a new wind estimate. Just like that!

That and support for new Open Air format fields for Airspace Frequency Callsign rounds up the major news in version 7.1. It’s available now so grab it while it’s hot:

As always your feedback is most appreciated – don’t hesitate to drop us an email at or get in touch through Facebook if you want to send comments our way.

Enjoy spring flying and keep it safe!