Oudie tops the world in 2016

It was a great year for Naviter. SeeYou with TopMeteo weather forecasts now helps pilots choose the right day for flying. Oudie finds the safest and the fastest way home for sailplane as well as paraglider pilots. In addition to that Naviter became owner of the oldest and the largest brand for paragliding variometers – Flytec. We will start the new year full of confidence and with loads of new ideas.

It was also a great year for Naviter team pilots winning many races and championships – congrats to everyone! Among those one pilot really stands out:

Honorin Hamard

He needs no introduction to the paraglider pilots. He is the shooting star, the world champion and the world record holder. During all of his adventures he relies on the Oudie.

One of his world records is the most amazing 300 km FAI Triangle in the French Alps. An achievement which was until recently considered impossible. It’s a flight that even many sailplane pilots would be proud of. Here’s more:


Enjoy the winter. Dream big. We wish you a great Christmas, Happy New Year and safe flights to the lucky ones flying!

Jošt, Jasmina, Andrej & the whole Naviter.com team