Flytec Connect 1 > Oudie 4 Exchange program

With Naviter taking over the Flytec brand as well as the Element line of varios for paraglider and hang glider pilots, naturally many people wonder about the future of the Connect 1.

The answer: Connect 1 will continue to be developed by the original development team around Jörg Ewald. It will will get a new name and it will not be a Naviter product.

Naviter has decided to offer an exchange program for pilots who wish to get an Oudie 4 instead at a greatly reduced cost. Return your Connect 1 to Naviter and get a brand new Oudie 4 for 349 EUR (+VAT if applicable). There is no obligation to do this.

What this creates is a situation with a good solution for everyone:

1. Passionate customers keep their instrument and can help Jörg make it perfect. No action needed.

2. Others get a fully developed product with 15 years of market presence from Naviter. If you have a Connect 1 in countries outside EU please contact your local Flytec/Naviter reseller to see if an even easier solution is available.

Contact for detailed instructions. We will be happy to help.

I believe that Naviter are doing this as a goodwill gesture, not a way to make more Oudie sales. I think it's more than reasonable for them to cover their costs to do this. I have been dealing with the guys and girls at Flytec and Naviter for some time now, and they are amongst the nicest, most honest and hardest working people I know.

Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble