Time table for your flight with SeeYou 8.3

We’ve extended Top Meteo integration in SeeYou again!

Prepare your flight in SeeYou with the forecast from TopMeteo then print the Time table and take it with you.

First let SeeYou use TopMeteo forecasts to help you choose the right task for the day:

Then change the task until you’re happy with what you would like to fly tomorrow. As soon as you’re done you can print out the Time table for your flight. Take the paper with you to easily follow the progress in-flight. If you’re doing better than expected – extend it. If not, make a timely decision to head back home while there’s time.

But there’s even more new features in 8.3!

More contrast

SeeYou automatically adds color to your track. The color is there to show you the highs and lows of the flight parameter you are interested in. But sometimes the spread is too high and the color was just plain green. Until now. We implemented a smart way of filtering all the values that are displayed in graphs and used as colors. Your flight track will now show more color, revealing the good and bad parts of your flights more clearly!

Graphs for custom flight parameters

SeeYou is used widely for testing gliders and its equipment. We often collaborate and exchange ideas with Jonker Sailplanes, Schempp Hirth, LXNAV, Front Electric Sustainer and others. Lately we were hearing that they would like to see graphs for specific messages that they store in IGC files. We were listening to all of them and turned their wishes into a feature that we are releasing to everyone today – custom graphs for any parameters stored in the IGC files!

Using FES? Interested in the current FES was pulling from the battery? It’s there. Using a turbine? Interested in whether it reached 100.000 RPM? It’s there. You are free to create your own application which stores data into an IGC file and review the data in SeeYou after landing. Get creative!

There’s more

See the whole change log here:

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But even more importantly – check the Top Meteo forecast and see if the next days are flyable in your area! You can always analyze your flights later đŸ™‚