Oudie 8 – Comps with your Buddies

So you’re flying a competition this year and you need some support flying new designated start procedure, and you would like to see where your competitors are using OGN? This update is for all you competition pilots out there. We’re introducing OGN Live via Oudie Live App and “Designated Start” features for Oudie 2 and Oudie IGC. Here’s how they work:

OGN Live and Buddies

You can now see gliders anywhere in the world using Oudie Live and Open Glider Network. All you need to do is to add them to your buddies list on your Oudie. OGN stands for Open Glider Network. It collects data from flying Flarm devices through ground antennas which is opening up a wealth of opportunities. Learn more about Open Glider Network here:

You can add Flarm codes of your friends and they will appear on the map at all times. Buddies List can be found in Menu → Settings -> Buddies List. You can also add people to your buddies when you’re in the air using the radar points dialog. Just select a Flarm target of your buddy and clicking edit and add to buddy list.

When connected to OGN not only will you receive positions of other pilots, Oudie will act as a beacon sending your own position back to the OGN.

Buddies list

Add a buddy

Recognize a Buddy

See a buddy

To learn how to set up Oudie Live please watch this tutorial:

Start line opening time and designated starts (Oudie 2/IGC)

Task setter decided to use the designated start procedure? No problem.

When you enter the task at briefing you can now go to the new “Start Settings” dialog under Task > Tools > Options,

New Task options screen

Start Settings Dialog

where you can set gate interval (that is how much time is there between each start period), number of start gates and grace period (or buffer time). If you enter designated start settings and no start line opening time you’ll see the “Set Start Time” button after take off, which will bring up the same “Start settings” dialog:

Set Start Time

Start Settings Dialog

Pressing “Set Start Line Time” Button will set the time rounded to the next 10 min as a start line opening time and we’ll begin the start count down until the next gate opening time:

Gate #1

Gate #2

To help you cross start line at the exact moment you want, we’ve reworked the task speed (Tsk.Sp.) and task delta (tDelta) Navboxes and added a Gate Navbox:

New Navboxes
NavboxNavbox nameDescription
VtoGateSpeed to Gate/Task SpeedTells you what speed you need to cross the start line at the gate opening time from your current position. After the start it turns into Task Speed Navbox
GateTask Gate TimeIs counting down the time to the next gate opening time, displaying that time in the third line
Time2GoTask Time to Go/Task Delta TimeIs counting down the time until you need to turn towards the start line to get there at the gate opening time at current MacCready setting optimal speed. It turns into Task Delta Time navbox after start.

There is even an audible warning for “1 minute to go” and “30s to go” so you don’t miss the gate if you’re flying in a busy thermal.

We’ve added a “Start Settings” action to the available navbox actions list, so you can access the Start Settings dialog, even if you’re not flying a designated start. Helpful for normal competition starts and Grand Prix starts. 😉

Just as a reminder to repeat a task start after a failed attempt navigate to the start line again by going to Menu → Task and selecting the start point and pressing Goto. The task dialog can also be easily accessed by a navbox action called “Task”.

Task Restart

There’s more! Here’s the complete change log for version 8 on your Oudie: