Enjoy flying with your buddies – version 8.10

Version 8.1 makes it incredibly easy to stay close to your friends and teammates in the air. You can even select a particular buddy and navigate to her/him in real time.

What else is new?

Yes, there’s more cool new stuff in Oudie version 8.1:
. You’ll get a friendly “Check Gear” warning when flying sailplanes close to flat ground.
. “Altitude gained” navbox. Each time you start circling it starts from zero
. Altitudes of the radar targets (buddies and Flarms) are now absolute numbers
. More airspace warning options

Did you know

. It’s the perfect way to guide young pilots or stay with your team mates?
. Your Oudie can also function as a flying OGN receiver, extending OGN coverage in areas without ground antennas?
. All of this works on a paraglider with Oudie 4. It was just more sexy to test it in a sailplane this time đŸ˜‰

Here’s a complete Oudie change log: