FAI Triangles with Hyper

You asked, we listened.

The lightest instrument with color display on the market just received a massive software upgrade – and it is free for everyone. Hyper version 2.0 has everything you need if you’re in to big flights with the lightest gear possible.

FAI Triangle Assistant

Charge ahead on your FAI Triangle task and let Hyper be your co-pilot. It will keep FAI Areas on your screen all the time, helping you make better decisions with Version 2.0.

In-flight OLC Optimization

Want to know if you have surpassed the distance you’ve dreamed of for so long already? Want to know if your flight will be the longest ever if you turn here and head back home? Is it an FAI Triangle if I turn here? Hyper version 2.0 will help you make solid decisions in flight with a range of new Optimization Navboxes!

Wind value in Compass rose

This is a small one, but ever so significant. The number at the tip of the wind sock in Compass rose will tell you not only where the wind is coming from, but also its strength.

Track Up Map orientation

Do you prefer track up maps over North up? Head over to Map settings and choose your preferred Map orientation.

There’s so much more

Hyper 2.0 Change Log will reveal everything else that was added in version 2.0:

Features which seem minor compared to the ones above are by no means insignificant. Big thanks to all motivated pilots who help us understand what you expect from your instrument in flight!

Download Hyper software 2.0