Turn on the Weather

Flying longer distance is so much easier if you plan your flight in context with the weather.


Leading soaring weather forecasts from Top Meteo and SkySight are now integrated in SeeYou so you can maximize your flight plan each day. In addition to that – it’s easy and fun. Check it out:

Already have access to TopMeteo or SkySight?

Then just go to your SeeYou Cloud profile and enter TopMeteo and SkySight usernames in the Integrations section:

Want to try how this works?

Sign up for SeeYou.Cloud and try it for free.

You will need valid subscriptions for TopMeteo or SkySight to see weater forecasts in the Planner. Except on Mondays and Tuesdays when one of the weather integrations is free for everyone to use. Only ever fly on Mondays and Tuesdays? You’re lucky đŸ™‚

Get a discount today

Start using SeeYou with a 20% discount to get more distance out of each day. To get the discount, use coupon code “Weather” at checkout. Coupon expires on December 20, so hurry!