GPS Rollover for Bräuniger/Flytec instruments

GPS Rollover date is just around the corner and we would like to inform you about older Flytec and Bräuniger instruments.

For Flytec 6030, Bräuniger IQ Compeo+ and their little brothers, the 6020 and Competino+ we just released new software versions:
Version 5.02c for 6030 is available here:
Version 5.01b for 6020 is available here:

These software versions will make sure that those varios will give the correct dates until (at least) 2038, regardless of any GPS date rollovers.

Other varios from 50×0/60×0 series have different GPS modules. The easiest way to see which type of GPS your vario has built in is in IGC file:

This is GPS roll over status for Flytec 5020/5030 (Bräuniger Compeo/Competino) GPS modules:
. Furuno GH-80 rolls over 2022/01/02
. Furuno GH-81 rolls over 2024/03/24

This is GPS roll over status for Flytec 6015 (Bräuniger IQ basic) GPS modules:
. Fastrax IT321 rolls over 2019/04/06!
. Fastrax IT430 rolls over in 2025

Unfortunately, we have no option to create new firmware releases for these varios. If your vario will roll over on 6th of April please contact your nearest Naviter dealer or and we will try to find an alternative solution together!