SeeYou – My Devices

If you visited recently you probably noticed that “Maps for Devices” changed into “My Devices”. This feature links your device with the SeeYou and enables the following every time you connect your device with your computer:

  • automatic uploads of flights from your device to SeeYou,
  • automatic download of weather and maps to your device.

Just install Naviter Updater on your computer and get cracking. No more manual downloading and copying of files – less worries about your instrument, more time to think about flying.

How does it work?

Once you have Naviter Updater installed, just click “Pair” button:

And the device will be automatically added to your devices:

Just choose the Weather and Map regions you want on you Oudie and Naviter Updater will take care of the rest:


That’s it. Connect your Oudie, wait for it to get updated and go flying. Enjoy!