Weather maps on Oudie

You are going to love this: Oudie will now display Weather during the flight!

Soaring Forecast specialists TopMeteo & SkySight have integrated their products with Oudie for you to be able to make these decisions safely and easily during the flight:

  • Which way should I fly in the next hour to maximize speed and distance?
  • What should I do to follow the forecasted wave bar?
  • How is the wind going to change ahead?

Speed next hour


Weather layers


Wave bars


How does it work?

As simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Connect your Oudie to PC or Mac with USB cable
  2. Let Naviter Updater download the weather maps automagically
  3. Enable weather layer on your Oudie and – Fly!

All without pressing a single button.

You can enjoy the safety of knowing what’s ahead when you combine these fine tools:
1. SeeYou –
2. TopMeteo and/or SkySight weather forecasts
3. Your Oudie with Naviter Updater installed on a PC or Mac

It’s that simple đŸ™‚