Oudie version 9.12

We released a small update for your Oudie today.

It fixes a problem with displaying Navboxes related to task. In version 9.10 we introduced a new algorithm which caused the task related navboxes to show empty values until start. That was unintentional, so this version fixes that back to what makes sense đŸ™‚

With introduction of OGN Buddies we also changed the way altitude is displayed in Flarm and OGN Radar. We have now re-introduced the setting to make displayed altitudes relative instead of absolute. Go to Menu > Settings > Radar and tick the checkbox “Rel. altitude” if you wish to display relative altitude in the radar instead of absolute altitude.

While this is a small increment for Oudie, here’s what we were up to recently:
. Display Weather on your Oudie
. Connect Oudie seamlessly with SeeYou Cloud
. Incredibly detailed SeeYou Maps for your Oudie

Happy soaring everyone!