Scoring Scripts & GitHub

Big news for SeeYou Scoring Script developers today! With the new competition rules in Annex A, the IGC introduced parameters which were previously not supproted in scoring scripts for SeeYou. In order to make your life as a competition scorer and script developer easier, we introduced several new options into the SeeYou Scripts which open up a wealth of new opportunities for scoring gliding competitions.

1. Class ID

It is now possible to select different minimum distances and requirements for 1000 points allocation for different classes right inside SeeYou scripts. Here’s an example:

// Minimum Distance to validate the Day, depending on the class [meters]
Dm := 100000;
if Task.ClassID = 'club' Then Dm := 100000;
if Task.ClassID = '15_meter' Then Dm := 120000;
if Task.ClassID = 'open' Then Dm := 140000;

// Minimum distance for 1000 points, depending on the class [meters]
if Task.ClassID = '13_5_meter' Then D1 := 250000;
if Task.ClassID = 'standard' Then D1 := 300000;
if Task.ClassID = '18_meter' Then D1 := 350000;

Details are here:

2. Pilot Event Marker Starts

This is the really big news. Anti-gaggle efforts concentrate more and more around using a Pilot Event marker to choose their start time. Here at Naviter we support these efforts with all of our hearts. For this reason, SeeYou Scripts can now evaluate Pilot Events and leaves the door open for your creativity to take flight. SeeYou reports all Pilot Events to the script + all valid start line crossings. You are then free to do what you like with them. Let your creativity loose, experiment with the new rules. We can really change the sport for the better one more time.

Details are here:

3. User Warnings

An often requested feature to be able to return some data back to SeeYou directly from the scoring scripts is now supported. Set the Pilots[i].Warning string and it will be passed back to SeeYou. It is usable for scoring as well as debugging your scripts.

4. GitHub for scoring scripts

We’re opening up a Naviter Github repository where we can collaborate on official as well as experimental scripts! Clone, fork and pull here: