NEW: Oudie 5 for Paragliding

We are extremely excited to announce that Oudie 5 is coming to Naviter dealers around you soon. In collaboration with Skytraxx, the original developers of Fanet, we were able to integrate Fanet+ & Flarm module in Oudie!

Share the sky with your friends and enjoy the safety of being seen by others. Want to know exactly where your friends are? Want to know how quickly they are currently climbing? Now you can!

Two models, one platform

Oudie 5 XC

A cut down version of the full featured Oudie 5 Pro, to create an instrument that grows with you. The Basic model takes away competition functionality and options that might overwhelm the less experienced pilot. With a simple software update available to unlock all the features as you progress, your learning curve will be as short as possible.

Oudie 5 Pro

 All the features of the SeeYou software, including competition functionality and advanced configuration options.

Oudie 5 Pro – Purpose built hardware perfect for free flyers, running highly developed, highly featured planning, navigation and analysis software

Upgrades from Oudie 4

Yes, you can upgrade your Oudie 4 to an Oudie 5! Talk to your nearest Naviter dealer to find the best way to upgrade your Oudie with Fanet+ & Flarm soon.

Oudie is the choice of experienced, ambitious XC and competition pilots. Why choose anything less?

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