Upgrade to Oudie 5 now!

Yes, you can upgrade your Oudie 3, Oudie 3+ and Oudie 4 to Oudie 5 XC & Pro now!

What will be upgraded and how much?

Oudie 3 & 3+ > 5
Oudie 4 > 5
Oudie 4 Basic > 5 Pro

FANET+ & Flarm module integrated

Housing with external antenna

Battery - new with 40 Wh capacity

Main computer - faster operation

Sensors with gyro-assisted vario

Sunlight readable display with Touch

Software upgrade Basic or XC > Pro

Suggested Retail Price:

299 EUR
incl. VAT
189 EUR
incl. VAT
389 EUR
incl. VAT

Contact your local Naviter reseller to get your Oudie upgraded at a convenient time.

Learn more about Oudie 5 XC & Pro >

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Just bought an Oudie 4? You can upgrade for just the difference in price between an Oudie 4 & 5 if you bought it after March 1st 2019! Promotion is valid until December 31st, 2019.