How it works: Fanet+

You’ve heard about FANET+. It’s integrated in Oudie 5 XC&Pro and Blade. It’s the buzzword of the year. But what is it?

  1. It’s a way to see and be seen in the air.
  2. It’s an ad-hoc network of small electronic devices that are able to talk to each other in the air.
  3. An Electronic conspicuity system for the Free Flight world.
  4. A Live-tracking technology that works independently from the phone network.
  5. Hell, if you’re a programmer it’s even a free project on GitHub!

How it works

You fly. The FANET module inside tweets your position into the air. Other FANET modules receive your position and display it on the screen of another Oudie 5, Blade, Skytraxx, AirWhere or any other compatible device. You can see the other pilot’s altitude and climb rate. You can see exactly where they are. You can even navigate to them. It’s invaluable when you are in a new and unfamiliar area. When you are guiding others. When you just want to make sure that someone knows and cares where you are and what you are doing.

What’s the + in FANET+?

It’s a Flarm. While the open-source FANET module can do all of the above, the FANET+ module, designed and produced by Skytraxx, but integrated in Naviter and other products, also includes a Flarm transmitter. That way not only the Free Flight community can see where you are but also gliders and general aviation equipped with Flarm can see and avoid you making the skies safer for all.

Why both? How is Fanet different than Flarm?

They serve two different purposes. Flarm’s job is collision avoiding between gliders and general aviation. With its addition into the Fanet+ module, paragliders and hang-gliders become visible to the gliders and GA electronically. Fanet on the other hand focuses on long-range small-packets data exchange and uses LoRa technology for that. Ground stations such as Burnair’s SkyNet are emerging on top of Fanet technology and its use is exploding in the free flight market.

I was paying attention to your position on my Oudie 5. And I saw you got a 4m/s climb, I just went full speed on you!

Marcella Uchoa to Charles Cazaux at the World Championships, both flying Oudie 5 with FANET+