Weather Dashboard & more

We are so excited to be able to show you what we were working on in the last weeks! SeeYou.Cloud has a new dashboard for logged in users with this:

  1. 3-day Weather forecast (requires SkySight/TopMeteo)
  2. Details of your last flight
  3. Latest tasks that you were preparing

Choose your forecast provider, find a location you are interested in and go! Click on each day to get a graph that shows you quality of the day graphically. Click “View on map” to see the forecast in context of the map. Plan your next flight right there

Each daily card will shows expected cloudbase,  hours of thermal activity with potential flight distance for an 18 meter glider, wind direction & strength plus minimum and maximum forecasted temperature. Click on the “View on map” link for each day to see what will be happening around the selected location.

You can make great and easy decisions about which day you want to fly and which direction will be be best for soaring.

After landing your flight track will appear in the Latest Flight section of the dashboard, so you can grab it quickly and rejoice and share it with your friends:

Try it out and let us know what you think > https://SeeYou.Cloud!

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