Fun facts 2019

This year was amazing and productive on so many levels.

It started off with the release of Awesome Seeyou Maps for Oudie followed by the Naviter Survey where we received an overwhelming amount of great feedback which resulted in numerous tasks for Naviter dev team and zillions of post-its on the wall đŸ™‚

In May 2019, Naviter Hyper gets awesome SeeYou Maps as well.

SeeYou received numerous upgrades throughout the year:

March 2019: BLADE – the new hang gliding instrument. First batch was sold out immediately and Alex Ploner became the Hang Gliding World champion with it.

July 2019: Oudie 5 – new paragliding instrument with Fanet+ & Flarm module. When upgrades from Oudie 3/3+/4 to 5 become available the number of support emails went through the roof because everyone wanted one.

The dev team kept themselves busy also with:

But most of all, WE always worked as a team, trying hard to deliver great new features, instruments and support to pilots worldwide. Note that when we ask you to rate our reply in the footer of our emails – we really mean it. When you think we could have done better we will make every effort to improve. And when you tell us we did great, it boosts our pleasure to help you to a new level:

“Fast as a champagne cork! That kind of support makes a product successful!”

“The answer was clear and I felt appreciated by you. Thank you.”

Always like dealing with Naviter – great people.

A big THANK YOU to all and SeeYou in 2020!