More wave layers in the Alps

Naviter and Skysight dev teams strike again with features for all the wave cloud surfers out there!

What is it? We increased the amount of wave and wind levels in the overlays. Now the wave/wind layers are in 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500 and 4000 meters. The change is effective immediately on SeeYou Cloud and on Oudie. You don’t even need a new version, it just works đŸ˜‰ #whoisawesome

The pilot, who is most responsible for realization of this idea is our good friend, passionate glider pilot, wave surfer and record holder Mathias Schunk. His most recent record is a stunning 1645 km flight in the waves of the Alps. Congratulations again Mathias!

His response after we told him about the new wave layers for Oudie: “That are really good news, a great Christmas present ? Thanks everybody for your help!”

Mathias additionally sent regards from Worcester.

Check out the new levels in SeeYou Cloud and try it yourself.

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