Why Adam flies with Oudie?

Naviter family pilot Adam Woolley explains, why he chooses Oudie as his primary (& secondary) navigation device. ?

The story starts at HWW16, I don’t have an Oudie, I don’t see the need for it. I made this comment to Steve Jones, he smirked then said around the table of 6, “Who here is a World Champion?”, 4 put their hand up. “Who here is a National Champion?”, all 6 put their hand up. “Adam, you’re in excellent company here. Now who here flies with an Oudie?”, all 6 hands went up.

True story. That afternoon, I bought an Oudie & have flown with it for 4yrs now.

Primary & Secondary Navigation Device

First & foremost, it’s a wonderful primary (& secondary) navigation device, upgrade it to the IGC version & it’s a ‘get home’ vario with up to 12hrs of battery life, capable of setting records too.

I use my Oudie IGC to compliment my LX90XX though, they’re a perfect match. 

Flarm Display

The Oudie is the best FLARM display* on the market, *it has an excellent display of targets & information, especially tactically, it allows you to see the ‘big picture’. Very easy to quickly change scales, update target information, view your target of choice.


The AAT calculations are top class, they offer the same options as the LX software. So I can run AVG Task/AVG Therm on one, then MC on the other – this gives me a very confident turning point, equalling higher XC Speed.

I fly all over the world, often not in my own glider. By owning an Oudie IGC, I’m able to feel familiar & confident in anyone’s glider straight away. This is particularly important for those who hire gliders, & want reliability with the ability¬†to claim those badge or record flights.

Last but not least, the Oudie or the LX90XX have saved me a few times (sadly, once at the PL WGC & another at a nationals) by showing differing information – ie, TP213 is 21km away & TP231 is 55km away. I’m sure you can see what I’m getting at here ?

Adam Woolley was born into the gliding world, being the 3rd generation in his family. Going solo at 15, his thirst for efficiency in soaring flight & quest for a world championship title to his name has never wavered. One big passion is sharing his experiences & joy with other glider pilots all around the world. Adam is an airline pilot in Japan on the B767 & spends his off time chasing summer around the globe. He has now won 7 national Championships & represented Australia at 5 WGC’s & 1 EGC.