Share your flights!

Sharing flights on Facebook is easy!

  • Open your greatest flight in SeeYou and click on Share icon on the map
  • Enable “Public flight” and click on Facebook/Twitter icon
  • Write a comment, click publish and you’re good to go! 

P.s: You can also copy a “Public link” and paste it in your favorite web-page/forum/community. 

Here’s an example of a flight that deeply changed the course of Naviter:

On a gorgeous day in May 2012 a young shooting star from Slovenia made this beautiful flight ??

It was the first 200 km FAI triangle flown on a paraglider in Slovenia. A remarkable flight in itself. But not only. At Naviter we used this track in some of our promotional material and with that we got to meet the young star.

His name is Jost. He wasn’t just happy that we met. He also suggested that if we could “just add a vario” to the Oudie, we would have a killer device for the free flight pilots. Andrej replied that we will do it under one condition. If he joins the team. They shook hands and the rest is history. 

Since then Jost is helping develop new features and supports the pilots worldwide with everything that has to do with Naviter. Thanks, Jost! Great flight :)