Live Weather data for Oudie 5

In collaboration with burnair and Skytraxx we are unveiling some pretty exciting features for the Oudie 5 today! The FANET protocol, combined with burnair ground stations enables you to receive weather information from hundreds of weather stations in the Alps – Live.

How does that work?
A burnair ground station is transmitting weather data from nearby weather stations such as MeteoSwiss, Holfuy or Windline into the air so you can receive them without an internet connection via FANET. What you get is a display of wind arrows with wind direction, wind strength and gusts displayed on your screen – Live.

Is that all?
As if that was not enough, Oudie also does live tracking to OGN and acts as a relay station to other nearby pilots by re-transmitting their position and therefore extending the range of FANET.

Version 9.21 for your Oudie 5 is out with all these cool new features and a few other improvements:

Not an Oudie 5 owner yet? What’s stopping you? đŸ™‚ Since we’re grounded, this is a perfect opportunity for an Oudie 5 upgrade. Send your Oudie 3/3+/4 over and we promise, we will give your Oudie the best makeover ever.

Last but not least. For all German speakers out there here’s a fine video that explains how live weather data is working in practice. Bernie and the team, thank you for your input.