Glider Polars

Assigning glider polar curve to your final glide maths is an essential part of making gliding safe and comfortable.

In SeeYou Navigator, we take it one step further. You don’t just select a polar curve, you setup your glider(s).

Start adding your first glider by selecting Hangar (for glider pilots) or Wings (for paragliders and hang gliders) from the main menu.

Add your glider. But don’t stop there. Enter the whole fleet of gliders that you fly regularly.

Note that some gliders have configurations for different wing tips such as 15 and 18 meter extensions. All of that has all been pre-filled in the database for you.  Before each flight you don’t have to worry about choosing the right polar. Just select which wing tips are mounted and you’re ready to fly.

Is your glider missing from the database? Let us know and it will be added quickly!

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