Wind in SeeYou Navigator

Knowing where the wind is coming from is essential for making the right decisions in the air. It can explain where to find lift under cumulus clouds. It helps you choose the right spot to cross the valley. And helps you avoid sink in transitions.

SeeYou Navigator calculates wind while you fly. Wind calculation algorithms are inherited from the proven Oudie platform. Wind direction and strength are calculated during circling and while flying eight-turns on the hill.

Current wind information is presented as an icon that rotates around your glider. The icon includes a number that shows wind strength. You can also choose to show wind in a separate navbox. You can customize its size and color.

Calculated live wind information from SeeYou Navigator can be combined with SkySight and TopMeteo forecasts. Enable Wind layer to compare current wind with the forecast. This will further increase your understanding of the weather around you.

Knowing wind strength and direction will help you succeed in gliding.

SeeYou Navigator is part of the SeeYou Subscription bundle. Together they help you Plan, Navigate, and Learn in a straightforward package.