Your personal Logbook

SeeYou has grown again! Starting today, you can store your flights on SeeYou and mark them as “mine” to keep count of the flights, hours, and kilometers in your own personal pilot Logbook.

SeeYou Logbook is the place where all your flights are stored, added, summed, and filtered. Want to know how many hours you have flown this year? Select the appropriate filter, and the sum will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Did you make a flight without a GPS recorder? Not a problem. Click “Manual entry” and fill in the details of the flight.

Don’t have all flights from the past but still want accurate totals? Click “Edit totals” and enter the correct hours and flight time on a given date. Anything that was recorded after that date will be added to your totals. Anything before that is part of your logbook but won’t be added to the totals.

The easiest way to get flights to show up in your Logbook is to upload them from your Oudie via the new Naviter Updater or SeeYou Navigator app or your LXNAV device (with more devices to follow). When the automatic happens, the flight will appear in your logbook automagically. Install the new Naviter Updater now.

Start filling your Logbook today. Log-in or Sign-up to SeeYou Cloud today: