2020 in review

Although the entire year 2020 felt like living in a science fiction movie based on one of them Stephen King’s books, for Naviter, the year 2020 was actually a year to remember. 

There is no denying, it was a bit challenging to work from home and keep up with all restrictions that were changing daily, but as an agile team, we adjusted to the “new rules” as quickly as a flash. 

SeeYou Navigator

In July, we were proud and thrilled to launch the new SeeYou Navigator app. A big milestone for Naviter and the first Soaring app that you can use both on Android and iOS. But that was not nearly all that was “cooking” in dev lab.  


SeeYou received numerous upgrades throughout the year too and these are just the most remarkable ones:  

Other important releases

Not only SeeYou Cloud and Navigator received special treatment from the guys in the dev team, but these major releases were significant too: 

Customer success

We broke many records in support as well. 14902 emails were answered, with 93% of them receiving their final answer within 24 hours. We made sure packages reached you in time, although it seemed the entire world had stopped for a while. And to let you in on a secret: it’s replies like these that motivate us a lot to take good care of you:

It’s so unusual to find such a helpful company, who seem genuinely interested in solving any problems I have. Great Job Guys!!!

Always very helpful and friendly. Quick responses. Keep up the good work!

Nothing but praise for See You and its people.

Exceptional personal service, from everyone in the Company.

Spot on with your advice to get the software running and upload existing flights. Prompt reply with easy to follow instructions.

As always, service at the highest level.

Great since ever and always.

We have many surprises up our sleeves planned for this year and we can’t wait to show them to you. 

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You know, we are here for you :)