Open in SeeYou

We worked closely with the Online Contest team in the last weeks to bring “Open in SeeYou” functionality to OLC. It is now live on all systems! We’re excited to announce that you can benefit from this new functionality as well if you post about your flights a lot.

Open from OLC

Simply open a flight at OLC. In the top right corner, a SeeYou icon is available. If the pilot has allowed flights to be opened in SeeYou, the icon is alive and you can click on it. Here’s an example:

For privacy reasons this feature is not enabled for everyone out of the box. If you want to allow others to open your flights directly in SeeYou Cloud from OLC, make sure to tick the checkbox “Allow others to open flights in SeeYou” when you submit a flight to the OLC next time. Or go to your OLC settings directly to enable it.

Open in SeeYou from your website

Do you have a website where you share your soaring experience? Try embeding links to SeeYou Cloud to make it even more exciting! It is so easy, anyone can do it.

  1. Upload a flight where it is accessible to everyone on the internet
  2. Create a link that looks like this:

That’s it – it will just work. Here’s an example: