SeeYou Navigator 2.0 Beta

A new and final Release Candidate version 3 for SeeYou Navigator 2.0 is ready! It fixes some bugs, adds small improvements, improves stability, and uses less power for that.

We have had a wonderful response to the Beta program. The app is much better now than it was when we launched the beta program. We could never have done it without you. Full list of changes is at the bottom of this page.

Navigator 2.0 will be ready for everyone to use very soon. It is significantly more reliable in recording your flight, has a smoother user interface, and most of all, has these cool new features:

  • Measures altitude with internal pressure sensor of the phone – if it has one
  • Connects to external pressure sensors from Bluetooth Low Energy devices
  • Works seamlessly with the SeeYou Cloud Logbook
  • Uploads flights to OLC, XContest, DHV-XC and WeGlide
  • Has a refreshed user interface

How to become a beta tester

  • Open Menu > Settings > System > Update Navigator
  • Change the distribution channel to “Beta”
  • Download and install the latest version from the beta channel
  • Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer the full application experience through their TestFlight application. We have therefore decided not to offer beta versions on Apple platforms.

Why connect to external source with Bluetooth?

In smartphones, power consumption is typically a priority, but in gliders, accuracy is preferred. External devices have better and more accurate sensors for pressure and GPS than phones.

With better sensors, the wind calculation is more accurate and final glide calculations are more reliable.

Supported BLE devices

SeeYou Navigator 2.0 is able to connect directly with devices that expose Serial NMEA setneces over Bluetooth Low Energy. Connection works from Android devices as well as iPhones. Supported sentences include $LXWP0, $LK8EX11, $PGRMZ as well as typical GPS sentences.

Please connect your Bluetooth device through Menu > Devices. and if it fails, let us know which device it is and we’ll make an effort to support it.

Naviter Bluetooth Dongle

If your device doesn’t have Bluetooth Low Energy module, we have a solution for you. Naviter Bluetooth Dongle is available for beta testers too. It’s a simple device that transforms your flight instrument into a Bluetooth Low Energy source of data. Plug it in, and it works. With LXNAV, Flarm, LX Navigation and other devices with IGC standard pinout. One phone and one Oudie can be connected to the Bluetooth Dongle in parallel. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll be happy to share the details!

Change log

SeeYou Navigator v2.0.0 RC3:

. Improved Thermal Assistant
. Improved performance and battery consumption on long flights
. Waypoint panel shows airport frequencies
. Added GPS Altitude navbox
. Bigger sizes for Linear Vario widget
. Added support for PRS NMEA sentences
. Compass rose hidden in North Up mode
. Added OGN attribution to About page
. Enable only “My” waypoint collection by default

. Hide Airports from map and search when Airports layer is off
. Always show Airspace labels
. Missing AGL/Terrain elevation
. Click on Search box closed the dialog
. Breathing zoom issue
. Moving map algorithm improved
. GPGGA message parsing: altitude was treated as above ellipsoid instead of MSL

SeeYou Navigator 2.0 Release Candidate 2:

. Custom units
. Show/Hide specific airspace types

. Fixed default Navbox layouts
. Renaming Naviter Bluetooth Dongle process
. Performance improvement on iOS
. Startup time improved
. Map rotation in pan mode disabled
. Fixed onboarding process (stuck on Location permission page)
. Fixed crash with loading CUP files
. Enabling/disabling layer also displays/hides it on the map